Solomon maimon and his autobiography as a portrait of eastern european jewish culture

Includes some photos; also line drawings of life in the concentration camp. The transition was not yet complete. Good- Condition; 8vo; 32 pages; Nazi-era Polish Antisemitic tract. This autobiography is probably the first to be written in Hebrew by a minor writer about a comparatively trivial life.

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In a word, Socher's study of Maimon is a tour de force that will command wide scholarly attention and acclaim. Sholem Aleichem had in mind an autobiography, 10 volumes in length, a work that would illuminate, from a personal perspective, a half-century of East European Jewish life.

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Introduction Solomon Maimon

Life as a Tutor My first job as a family tutor was an hour away from where I was living at the time. He scandalized rabbinic authorities, embarrassed Moses Mendelssohn, provoked Kant, charmed Goethe, and inspired Fichte, among others.

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He is so wrapped up in his own self-development that he barely mentions the wife he abandoned, engaging in "silences, evasions, and camouflage regarding family matters" Far better condition than usually found. These memoirs, with their mass of detail concerning business transactions, protracted negotiations, and so on, appear as outgrowths of account books or ledgers.

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Includes 10 pages of photos and artwork. While Maimon's afterlife in European philosophy was what he cared most about, his literary afterlife is primarily the story of his autobiography, which became one of the key texts in the self-construction of Jewish identity and in the representation of Jews by non-Jewish writers.

Zwiazek Mlodziezy Polskiej, The story does not end here, however. OCLC lists 14 copies worldwide.

Literary Afterlife

He only took this work up in earnest, however, in the last two years of his life. We offer here a very nice broken run of 91 issues between Nr. In addition to literary autobiography, other subgenres emerged in the 20th century.

Contemporary readers of Maimon’s autobiography included Goethe and Schiller, but it made the greatest impression on nineteenth-century Eastern European Jewish readers who had suffered a similar crisis of faith and were struggling to modernize Jewish culture or find their feet outside of it.

While his outsider status caused him no small measure of hardship, and while the Autobiography frequently ridicules the Eastern European Jewish culture into which its author was born, Maimon was also critical of the Jewish acculturation he encountered in Berlin, seeing it as intellectually limiting.

Enforced Marginality: Jewish Narratives on Abandoned Wives (review) Anna R. Igra American Jewish History, Volume 94, Number 3, Septemberpp. Solomon Maimon wrote his Autobiography at the end of the eighteenth century, after he left his family in to pursue Enlight- reminders of the Eastern European past he sought to.

Other prominent German-Jewish thinkers who read Maimon's autobiography are Leo Strauss, Walter Benjamin, and Gershom Scholem.

This chapter examines Maimon's literary afterlife and its influence on novels, philosophical works, historical narratives, and the Jewish popular imagination.

In a letter to Immanuel Kant, Marcus Herz condescendingly described Solomon Maimon as having only recently been “one of the rawest of Polish Jews.” This condescension, bordering on contempt, is both endorsed and dismissed by Maimon in his autobiography.

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Kibitz: One of the original questions: What was Willis Harman so excited about at the Sequoia Seminars in ? What was Stolaroff so excited about?

Solomon maimon and his autobiography as a portrait of eastern european jewish culture
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